Who are you guys, anyway? And why did you
put up this site?

We have been selling items worldwide for many years via Ebay -
you can see our Ebay shop at http://stores.ebay.com/thetubezone.
We put up this site to make it easier for customers to find these
products - the Ebay listings don't list in alphabetical order and
that makes it hard to find items in our Ebay shop - and because,
frankly, we're getting a little tired of Ebay.

Can I contact you directly?

Yes. To contact us by email, simply go to the Contact/About Us
page, 773-782-6145 or in UK/Europeyou can ring us up at (+44)
020-7096-1306 (local call in London) .

What is your Privacy Policy?

First thing, we DON'T LIKE SPAM!, we don't spam people, we don't
associate with known spammers (except perhaps to poison their
coffee), and we don't share email addresses or personal data
with spammers, or anyone else who's not holding a badge and a
court order. Which is pretty unlikely. Also we don't send emails to
you except regarding your order, or if you ask us to.

We DO NOT handle or retain any credit card information entered
over our web site or via Ebay. All credit & debit card information is
handled securely by our card processor, we never see your card
number, expiry or CVV.
Tubezone.Net  Frequently Asked Questions